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Guest Post: “Warning to the Wise”

by Kathrine Parks

Warning to the wise!

Do not be fooled by television shows and fairy tale books!


Motherhood is hard!

Hard, I tell you!

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But it is worth it.

I think the hardest part is understanding that you don’t have to be perfect.  Regardless of other people’s opinions or how they raised their children, these are yours, and you get to do it however you want to.  Don’t let other people make you feel insecure about how you’re handling the duties God gave to you.

Women love to tell stories about how they raised their perfect little angels and leave out the parts where they had to figure it all out.  As a result of this, new mothers feel alone when little Johnnie throws a tantrum in the middle of Walmart because she said no to the king size snicker.

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Well, worry no more!

You are not alone!

There is an entire world of mothers who had the same problem at one time or another–even if they are not willing to admit it.  They know your struggle, so don’t allow those disapproving looks to steal your joy. You’re a good mother and I can say this because I believe it’s true. You’re trying and that’s all that’s required.

Some mothers leave; they actually pack up and leave their babies because they simply could not handle the pressure of mothering. So if you’re reading this and struggling with raising your child, you are awesome, because you are present. You’ve taken on the responsibility of teaching another human being everything that you know about how to live life successfully, and it is the biggest job on the planet.


Because as you do this, life does not pause. It continues to be just as difficult as it always has been. You bear the weight of the world and your household on your shoulders and for that you deserve an award.

You probably won’t get one, but rest easy because you’ll get something better when your babies begin to actually use the tools you give them. When you begin to notice that they really are growing into loving, caring, responsible little human beings, I promise it will be worth it. So don’t be so hard on yourself mama, it’s going to be alright.



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Kathrine Parks is a 32-year old teacher and mama to 9-year old Melvin Parks III.  In his spare time, Melvin LOVES to draw! Mama says he’s pretty darn good too! 🙂 


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