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Asili Naturals: Skin Care Products at Materni-TEA Mixer for New & Expecting Moms

By the time I became an advocate for Natural Childbirth back in 2014, I had already set an “all natural everything” standard for my life. I embraced a natural diet, ceased using chemicals in my hair, and renounced my favorite skin care products in the name of my new natural life style.

Because Bath and Body Works was my jam, the transition to Shea Butter—though visibly better to my skin—left me longing for the fix I got from the delectable smells I so loved about my former skin care suppliers. Yet, for my health, I reasoned it was a practical trade off and I pushed the desire to the back of my mind until I found Asili Naturals products.

Glow Bundle
Glow Bundle

Asili Naturals is a brand that stands for healthy skin, confidence, and integrity. Their products are 100% NATURAL and contain no parabens, no alcohol, no sulfate, and no harsh fragrances or chemicals. Best of all? They STILL smell AMAZING! Even better? The smells are created using plant-based oils and last throughout the entire day.

Yes, child.


Bath Bomb Bundle

I am so impressed by their products that my company, Genesis Birthing and Living is an Asili Naturals Brand Ambassadors and Marketing Affiliate; and we’ve invited them to be one of our 2019 sponsors for Materni-TEA: Mixer for New and Expecting Moms!

I enjoy their products SO much that I have also chosen to highlight them during our 1st ever annual Materni-TEA: Mixer for New and Expecting Moms so I can share their magic with all of you!

Body Care Bundle
Body Care Bundle

One lucky attendee will not only win a FREE Asili Naturals Body Care Bundle (Pictured Above), but she will also model a group demonstration of the Body Care Bundle as well.

And everyone else?

All other attendees will have to opportunity to witness the demonstration, smell and see the products for themselves…AND, all attendees will receive a special discount code that gets them 10% off their first purchase of any Asili Naturals product order.

Assorted Soap Bundle

I am excited to share these products with other mothers because skin care is among the highest forms of self-care, and Lord knows we need multiple ways to pamper ourselves while rejuvenating our skin. It is even better when the products do not harm us but enhance us instead.

Spirulina Clay Mask
Spirulina Clay Mask

Join me and other mothers like us at Materni-TEA: Mixer for New and Expecting Moms as we share in our discovery of this budding gem, Asili Naturals.

Ticket Sales END Friday, February 22, 2019.

To Purchase Tickets: Visit the Genesis Birthing and Living Website here.

To learn even more about the event, visit the blog What to Expect: Materni-TEA Mixer for New and Expecting Moms.

You can also learn more about Asili Naturals and purchase their products here.


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