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Don’t Induce Labor: It’s An Unnatural And Irreverent Thing To Do

You already have everything you need to labor and birth just the way you need to and labor induction hinders your body’s natural labor and birth.

By Shayla Brown

According to your faith, so it be done to you.

Matthew 9:29-30

This has been true in every case. Every woman I’ve had the frustrating blessing to work with, who believed natural birth was not possible for her…was right. Every woman I’ve worked with who believed and achieved…was right. “According to your faith, so it be done to you.” In other words, what you believe, you achieve. Whether you believe you can…or believe you can’t…you are right.

Our country’s maternal health statistics are the worst among all developed nations. This is due to our diets, our lifestyles, and our belief in, and desire for, human manipulation to “better” natural processes.

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Our Heavenly Father has given us so much and desires only our obedience. No, He does not wield over us a “because I said so” obedience common among humans down here on earth. His ways are higher than ours. It is, though, a “because I love you and I understand you and the things around you better than you understand ” type of obedience. His thoughts are higher than ours.

This is the same obedience we expect from our children. Even, still, it is not so much of an expectation as it is a provision. How do you explain to your toddler not to run with scissors? Even once you explain this to him, how can he understand? He is simply too young and his understanding is too small. He has to trust and obey you based on what you have already proven to provide in the past. He must decide in his mind, and accept in his heart that you are faithful in your guidance of, and care for him. This is how we are to trust and obey God…even more so because He is not prone to the errors that we make…even as we try our best.

He is the same God who impregnated a 90 year old Sarah, and a virgin Mary. He is the same God who, through this virgin Mary, sent His only begotten son to show us how to better be pleasing in His sight. He wants us to know him and to understand Him…but we have to submit our will and accept His will for our lives instead.

How do we do this in birth?

There are many ways, but for 1, we can stop inducing labor. It is, in most cases that it happens: unnecessary, dangerous, increases the likelihood you will suffer a Cesarean Section, and it is an insult to the intelligence of God. God does everything in perfect timing. Just as we “can’t hurry God” and “just have to wait” for Him to bless us with whatever else it is we pray for and trust Him with, so must we wait on his timing to bring our babies into the world. When we don’t wait, and we rush His divine process, we and our babies suffer.

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Are there medical reasons for inductions?

Yes…but not many…and my focus at the moment is: elected inductions by women and their providers who either 1) want a baby born on a certain date, or 2) fear that labor will not happen on its own. I have included in this post a short video with some very useful information concerning induction. This video and this post is an introduction to the topic of induction, and they both begin a multi-part series entitled: “Don’t Get Induced”. My goal is to discourage as many women as possible from inducing their labor and thereby save as many women as possible from the consequences thereof.

By the end of this series, not only will you better understand the risks associated with induction, but you will also be informed enough to share those risks with your friends, your daughters, your cousins, your nieces, and all other pregnant women God entrusts to you.

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