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Natural Birth Is Birth Without Pain Medication-Genesis Birthing and Living

I rejected the idea that I needed to use drugs and medical interventions during labor. So I chose natural birth. Here I share what natural birth is and why natural birth is the right birth for you too.

By Shayla Brown


What is natural birth?

Natural birth refers to vaginal labor that takes place without the use of drugs or interventions. It’s controversial to say, but not all forms of childbirth are natural and if you want a birth with the most safe and satisfying outcome, natural birth is the best way to go.

When you choose a natural birth, you very fortunately avoid:

What are the benefits of a natural birth?

The best part of my very first natural birth and the 5 natural births after was that I enjoyed knowing exactly what my body is capable of without medication. There were a few other benefits I enjoyed as well like:

What are the risks of a natural birth?

The only risk of having a natural birth is receiving ridicule from people who wish to diminish what you’ve accomplished even though they were not as brave, as intuitive, as thorough, as fortunate, as conscientious, or as successful as you at achieving a natural birth.

Is natural birth right for you?

YES. At its foundation, natural birth requires you to:

If you accept that work in exchange for a safe, healthy, and satisfying experience for you and your family, then YES; natural birth is right for you. If you wish to outsource that work to someone else, or you want to avoid that work, then no, natural birth is not for you.

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Shayla Brown

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