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5 C-Sections and a VBAC

Welcome to the Listening to Black Women Web Series. If you value the voice of Black Women, this is the series for you.

Shayla Brown– Doula. Educator. Advocate. Storyteller.
Meet Devona Miller: A doula and mother of 6 children.
After undergoing 5 C-Sections and being subjected to bullying from doctors and hospital staff, Devona fought for her 6th birth to be vaginal AND natural. Devona’s story is living example of the abuse that birthing black women face in hospitals all over America. Watch Devona’s story and hear how her faith in God gave her the audacity she needed to WIN the battle over HER body, for HER birth, on HER terms.
About the Storyteller: Devona Miller’s experiences in hospitals and with medical staff inspired and now informs her career as a doula. Devona wants to share her story in hopes that it will inspire women to own and take control of their births!
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