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Homebirths Are Better. Period.

Welcome to the Listening to Black Women Web Series. If you value the voice of Black Women, this is the series for you.

Shayla Brown-Doula. Educator. Advocate. Storyteller.
Located in Saint Louis, Missouri; Mariah Patton shares her story because, for her, birth was truly life-changing. After a disappointing hospital birth, Mariah took her second birth into her own hands by birthing unassisted with her child’s father at home. In her opinion? Her homebirth experience was better…so much so, that she wrote a book entitled just that.

Mariah’s book, “Home Births are Better…” is “A Quick Guide To Having A Successful Delivery”. You can purchase her book at the link below:
Home Births Are Better: A Quick Guide To Having A Successful Delivery

Mariah want’s women to know there is a proper way to give birth that cuts pain and birthing time in half. For more from Mariah, you can also follow her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/she.is_phenomenal/


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