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Preeclampsia & Stillbirth: Insight from a grieving Mother

Meet Miranda Hernandez

Miranda Hernandez is a single mother by choice to her late son Adrian and his living sister. After Adrian’s death, Miranda became an advocate for stillbirth prevention and normalization of grief.

Below are her Website and Social Media pages:

I had swelling so bad. I was a size and a half higher in my shoes…I didn’t have ankles for months…The swelling later on spread to my hands and face…more indicative to preeclampsia.

Miranda Hernandez
photo by Sarah Perry Photography

My name is Miranda Hernandez, and a little over 3 years ago, my son Adrian James was stillborn at term due to complications from undiagnosed preeclampsia.

Miranda was seeing both midwives AND OBs but none of her providers noticed the signs of Preeclampsia in her pregnancy, and none of them mentioned to her the 1 in 160 chance that her pregnancy could end in stillbirth.

I felt really great about my midwives compared to my other appointments…I [felt] really comfortable with these women, [and thought] ‘they’re gonna take care of me in birth.’

Sadly, this was not the case…Miranda recalls:

I very clearly remember sitting in my last appointment with my midwives and telling them my son was not moving as much as he used to and they told me that everything was fine…Why weren’t they more concerned? Why weren’t they running more tests? Why didn’t any of my providers tell me that stillbirth is a thing that happens?

HEAR Miranda’s FULL STORY here:

Maternity photos by Modern Lux Photography. Hospital photos by MamaRazzi Photography.

Adrian was planned for, wanted, and so very much loved, and his loss broke me…I wish I had known that 1 in 160 pregnancies ends in stillbirth, and that the chances of stillbirth rise for every day a pregnancy proceeds past 39 weeks. Pregnant parents deserve access to all the information to make informed decisions in their pregnancy. This is why I share today, and I hope for nothing but good things for all other parents in this world.

Miranda Hernandez

HEAR Miranda’s FULL STORY here:

Signs of Preeclampsia:

Things Miranda did in her second pregnancy to reduce her risk of preeclampsia and stillbirth:

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