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My Soft Girl Summer Birth

I wanted a pain-free, stress-free soft and stylish unassisted home labor and delivery for Baby Brown 7’s arrival. I planned ahead and stayed focused on my goals and ensured that what I wanted was exactly what I got.

by Shayla Brown

Labor planning MOOD

I Want It, I Got It!

It was about 7 in the morning and my husband had just left to pick up the grocery order..so he wasn’t home.

“ I think I’m in labor,” I called to tell him. “I just wanted you to know that in case there was anything else you needed to get for the birth while you were out.”

“Okay…” he hesitated on the other end of the phone. “What makes you think you’re in labor?”

“I’m cramping,” I responded. “I’m definitely having contractions.”

“Okay…well…I’m grabbing the groceries and a few other things then I’ll be home.”


I hadn’t lost my mucus plug or seen any bloody show so there was some doubt about my August 11 due date.

I attempted to go about my morning getting my children together and making them breakfast to eat. I grabbed my 2-year old to remove his nighttime diaper and clean him up.

My children had greeted me first thing half reminding me and half celebrating the next-day due date for the arrival of their new baby sibling.

“Boys I think the baby will be here sooner than that…mama is in labor right now.”

“What’s that?” One of them asked.

I explained, “it means the process that has to happen for the baby to be born is starting now.”

They all cheered and chattered excitedly. They had been waiting for this the minute we told them they’d be big brothers again. “Oh I hope it’s a girl!” They all initially agreed.

I put my 2-year old down from the changing table and had a huge contractions standing there at its end.

“Oh my God,” I softly exclaimed.

I felt a very gentle pop and warm water spilled quite dramatically down my legs and onto the floor. I was so shocked because my water had never broken at the start of labor. I just stood there trying to process what was happening .

I didn’t think I sounded terribly distressed until my first and third son came around from the kitchen to ask, “are you okay, Mom?”

Their faces were gentle but they were clearly concerned and equally confused.

“Is that water?”

“Where is that water coming from?”

“I’m fine. Yes.” I answered half dazed and half aware of what this all must have looked like and seemed like to them. “I’m fine..” I said again then shooed them with my hand. “You boys go on and finish making your sandwiches.“ I didn’t want them worrying or feeling afraid or overwhelmed that I was in a crisis and they may have to care for me.

The most I wanted them to do was make their own; and their smaller brothers’; PB and J sandwiches since it was no longer possible for me to make the oatmeal I had planned.

They hesitated but scurried to the kitchen in relief. I turned to walk forward or something. I really wasn’t sure what I was about to do. My brand new cloth White House shoes were soaked and with each move I made to remove them more and more water poured onto the floor.

“Oh my God,” was all I could think to say until I could finally logically think about what to do.

“Sammy,” I instructed my oldest, “go get the step stool then take it in my room and get the brown bag from the top shelf . Messiah, go grab a towel from the hallway.”

“Yes, ma’am,” they both replied as they ran in opposite directions.

Text I sent my husband before retiring to bed.

Once they both brought the requested items I placed the towel on the floor, stepped out of my house shoes, grabbed an incontinence pad from the brown bag of birth supplies, reassured my kids and went to my room to keep my leaking amniotic fluid in the bed I’d covered and to call my husband and my doula to tell them the news.

Message I sent my doula.

I Ain’t Stressin Today…


I knew that this time I didn’t want to do a lot in early labor. In my past experiences I physically exhausted myself trying to manipulate early labor just to get to active labor and pushing with no energy left for the truly harder legs of the labor race.

This time I wasn’t doing that.

After speaking with my husband and my doula I simply sat in bed and rested. My goal was to labor in as little pain as possible and I knew that a stress free labor is a pain-free labor.

My mood for this labor.

I started to track contractions and of course in the beginning they were all over the place, but they were consistently occurring. Just as I intended though, they didn’t hurt, and to keep them that way, I decided not to stress about their consistency, their duration, or their intensity. If they were happening, labor was progressing and that was all I needed to know.

Contraction Counter

Labor started around 7:30am and I pushed the baby out around 9:00 pm. It all happened different from how I was accustomed to labor beginning. At the same time, it happened as I intended.

The Highlights

I purchased ambiance for my labor space, and a labor outfit.

I pressed on my labor nails in bed while leaking amniotic fluid and experiencing mild, painless contractions.

I ate the foods I planned to eat.

I spent some time in the tub because I thought it would progress labor. It actually slowed it down.

I spent some time with my boys.

I took naps and watched Netflix.

I didn’t let fear or impatience rush me or alter my labor process.

I birthed in an inflated, waterless pool.

First moments after giving birth. I hadn’t even birthed the placenta yet.

I labored pain-free and conscientiously.

The contractions before pushing were a small glimps of hell.

Pushing itself felt extremely empowering this time.

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