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Audacity: A Mississippi Mom’s Guide to Natural Hospital Birth

Does This Make Me A Witch? 5 Herbal Teas I Drank Religiously While Healing My Infertility—Genesis Birthing and Living

While I can’t make healing claims on behalf of these teas, I can truthfully say that they were a regular part of my infertility healing routine—so I’m sharing them with you. Be sure to let me know in the comments if you’ve heard of any of these teas or if someone you know has tried…

Fall Mood: On A Dark September Morning I Birthed a Brown Baby and Telling This Story Is Giving My Family Peace

This fall blew in like a mighty rushing wind–kind of how my 5th pregnancy unfolded. The times were muddy, but clouded in a fog of oxytocin and birth, we saw bounty and celebrated instead. We invite you to re-reminisce with us this fall.

The 2022 Little Mermaid Trailer Reminded Me: I Almost Had A Mermaid Birth

The 2022 Little Mermaid Trailer featuring Halle Bailey playing Ariel has received 1 Million likes on YouTube, some heartwarming reactions from little girls, and so much excitement from millennials like me who grew up watching the original Little Mermaid animated Disney film. Because I’m a retired birth worker, in all of this Little Mermaid excitement…

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